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Minneapolis, MN 55403




Leatherworks MN has been a rising star lately, propelling itself from relative obscurity to the national stage via their live-in-the-moment instagram and some great traction on social media. They welcomed us into their Lowertown, Saint Paul studio where amazingly, 4 people create every single piece of product that goes out the door. Nestled within a fast-growing part of the Minnesota Capitol, Leather Works stays close to their roots, retaining family-owned status and sourcing materials from suppliers close to home. 

The guys of the shop Kent, Nathan and Joseph, demonstrated key points of the Leatherworks MN process, truly blowing our minds with the attention to detail. The craftsmanship was incredible, including 100 year old machines that have been in use since the the company's first iterations years ago. Completing the Leather Works team is Lee, Kent's wife, who handles daily operations and generally makes sure the guys keeps in line. 

See more from our visit in the gallery below and find out more about the Leatherworks MN story on their website.


photography by Nick Fay | videography by Anthony Jones