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MN4MN's inaugural event at The Shops at West End was a rousing success, featuring a whole weekend "at the tents" full of local style fixtures, stores and a fantastic showing of some of the Twin Cities' best talents in fashion. A stand out for us was certainly the Heimie's Haberdashery showing featuring a well-curated selection of looks for Fall/Winter and Vision Model, Will Defiel of Calvin Klein fame. Check out some shots from their turn on the runway, from the lens of Chris McDuffie >>> 

ABOUT TOWN | Envision FW14

Emily Chang

“This cape has power over people,” declared Elizabeth Geisler, designer of Cocoon, in a brief intro video shown prior to the presentation of her newest F/W collection last Friday at the sixteenth season of Ignite Models and Public Functionary's Envision. “[When people wear it], it makes them want to twirl, and I’d love to see it walk down the runway.” That supple, smoke-colored cashmere cape isn’t the only thing that’s got power over people—certainly, all kinds of clothes do, from the taupe trench coat that adds a certain dynamism to a woman’s life, what with its chic and expeditious temperament, to the well-tailored jacket that can give a man the confidence to land a dream job—and keep it.

Given the lively, well-heeled crowd bustling around Orchestra Hall on Friday night to see a show chiefly dedicated to clothes, clearly this power extends beyond the personal realm. Note that the art and business of fashion creates a community that's especially tightknit in the city of Minneapolis, and few events showcase the Twin Cities fashion scene more holistically than Envision. In the VIP room, artist Jesse Draxler painted over 4-foot tall prints of R&B artist Spooky Black, which were included in the silent auction, and DJs Sarah White and Adora Tokyo performed their sets live.

A mélange of thirteen designers, the show featured designs from Mary Pranica, Cocoon by Elizabeth Geisler, Roe Wolfe, Velvet Moon, Kjurek, Cliché, and Idle Child in the first segment; the second segment showcased Ellie Hottinger, Samantha Rei, Tessa Louise, Emily Trevor, Lindsey Hopkins, and George Moskal. Models sauntered out in metallic varsity jackets, crop tops, boxy dresses and shirt-skirt combinations, and crisp white sneakers for Cliché's collection, which Delayna Sundberg described as "something someone in the '90s would wear to work." 

Autumn is here, and damn, Minneapolis, you're looking good.


Emily Chang

Photographer Serene Supreme has quite a library of instant film portraits featuring some of the most creative and talented people in the cities, whether they be artists, musicians, models, writers, or stylists. Her latest Polaroid endeavor, CHIDO, is a collaboration with mixed media artist Ramses Alarcon that had its opening party on Saturday at Gamut Gallery. Together they rouse the chido (Mexican Spanish for cool) in the first forty respondents to Serene's open call for models. Her instax photographs are enlarged into forty-one 16 x 20 inch prints, onto which Alarcon paints and draws otherworldly creatures and dizzying patterns that explore the variations of what cool means for different people.

Subjects look unfazed into the camera. A four-year-old girl (whose parents had also been photographed by Serene and then painted over by Alarcon) cocks her head to the side and stares pragmatically at viewers. The original instax images themselves are displayed in a case at the back of the exhibit, and with knowledge of Serene's continuing Polaroid project, the tiny cards read not merely as portraits, but as a visual directory of the Twin Cities art world through a befitting medium.

CHIDO runs at Gamut Gallery through October 4th on Thursdays and Saturdays from 2-6 p.m.

photos by Emily Chang

ABOUT TOWN | Liv & Reed Grand Opening

Emily Chang

In celebration of their grand opening, Liv & Reed Salon threw a party last Thursday. Owners Mitsue Yang Thanadabout and Brian Yang Hoffman, and the team of Mike Bishop and Kate Iverson, debuted a colorful new salon that's certainly snug--and it's all the space they'll need to transform (or simply trim) your hair into a five on the sides that you'll love.

Bishop and Iverson branded the salon and designed the interior, website, marketing strategy, and even made custom artwork and furniture for the space. See more of their work at Schedule an appointment at

3033 Excelsior Blvd, #G20, Minneapolis | photos by Emily Chang


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A few weeks ago Mill City Men attended Macy's annual Glamorama event, where the Twin Cities' fashion community came together to celebrate the upcoming collections and party into the night. Our newest team member Emily Chang was there to spot a few well-dressed men and give us the low down on the night's goings on. With a headlining performance by Jason Derulo and a rockin' soundtrack to accompany the Macy's fall collections, the crowd was definitely in high spirits as they left the State Theatre to head to the famous rooftop after party at Macy's downtown. With the downtown Minneapolis skyline in the background, party goers danced into the wee hours of the night, savoring every minute until next year's annual bash. Check out some photos in following from the lenses of Emily Chang for Mill City Men and Adam Bettcher for Macy's