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Trevor Small | Birthday Boy

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With each year, comes something new. New challenges. New outcomes. New trends. This past week began a new year for me and I’m excited to see what is to come.

On Saturday, I turned 27 and I celebrated at Hidden Beach with a group of my friends. Since moving back to Minneapolis, I have come to the beach on a rather consistent basis. Is it me longing for the memories of the beaches of Oahu? I don’t think so. Hidden Beach is one place where I can see the variety of people and styles that make Minneapolis the city that it is. From your standard swimwear to casual summer cutoffs, all different styles can be seen at this beach and serves me as a place of inspiration.

This coming week, I am looking forward to Basilica Block Party and seeing the various takes on style coming from concert goers. With music festivals increasing in popularity through the years, summer festival wear has garnered more and more attention through the media. Next week, I’ll be showing many of my favorite looks from this summer Minneapolis mainstay, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.


Trevor Small is a Minneapolis-based stylist and writer. Follow his latest project at