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Trevor Small | Back in the Habit

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This week has definitely been about rebuilding and finding my way back into the style community here in Minneapolis.

In Honolulu, it felt like there only so much I could do. Much of my time was being spent focusing on my role as Store Manager of American Apparel. In that role, I was given some chances to show my styling and artistic directing skills while running the company Instagram for Hawaii. I would put together shoots using employees and items from the store in a way to help promote the brand through the social networking site. I had a lot of fun doing so, but it never satisfied my want to further show my viewpoint as a stylist.

This week, I got the opportunity to participate in a menswear test shoot with photographer Jean Paul Kelly and Vision model Jack. We wanted to go for something classic with edge and I drew some of my inspiration from cinema from the early 80s. I love the relaxed elegance of men Richard Gere in American Gigolo and James Spader in Pretty in Pink and wanted to show my take on how men could translate that look to today (check for the entire photo story of Jack).

Also, I was given the privilege to participate as a model in a shoot for the Star Tribune, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Basilica Block Party. The piece will be focused on festival fashion and was styled by Sarah Edwards. It was a great experience with everyone there and I got the honor of shooting with one of my favorite local bloggers Davee Ek of Davee’s Secrets. Couldn’t have asked for a better companion on the day and the classic pieces from local boutique Arrow were something I could see men wearing at the event come July.


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