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NECESSITIES | Michael Dodes

mill city men

In our new Mill City Men blog series, NECESSITIES, MCAD photographer Savanna Ruedy gives us a male perspective of daily necessities, creating quirky still-life photos that reveal a less-seen facet of a guy's life.

This time, we feature Mill City Men founder, Michael Dodes, who clearly likes to carry a lot of stuff with him.  

BAG: Coach | POUCH: Forever21  | SNAPBACK: Patricia Field, New York | CITY GUIDE: Phaidon | CALLING CARDS: Lunalux at Askov Finlayson | NOTEBOOKS: Moleskine + J.W. Hulme | COLORED MARKERS: Papermate |  WALLET: Leatherworks MN | CAMERA: Canon | EYEGLASSES: Warby Parker | BRIEFS: Mack Weldon