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M. Dodes

Seven Sundays is a gourmet muesli company started by Brady Barnstable and his wife Hannah right here in Minneapolis. Impressed by their breakfast experiences while traveling in New Zealand, the pair decided to bring the delicious gourmet staple back to the U.S. If you don't know what muesli is, find out here. But by our test, if you like to eat breakfast in any respect, you'll probably dig what the Seven Sundays team is putting on grocery shelves (Lunds and most local co-ops to be more specific)! We caught wind of their mission to change the face of breakfast and stopped by their office to snap some photos and hear more about their work. 

In getting to know Brady and the team during our visits to their headquarters in a historic Whittier manse, we found that their passion for breakfast goes far beyond the breakfast bowl. Touting Muesli on a Mission as a daily mantra, the Seven Sundays team looks towards the bigger picture of health as one of their keys to success. A good start to your day only inspires more good, right? You can feel this energy the minute you walk into their office and it becomes evident that the spirit of the brand comes directly from the team. The breakfast aisle is merely a platform for them to make the world a healthier place at a bigger, holistic level. Seven Sundays also does this awesome thing where they bring people breakfast kits (pictured right) to try out their muesli. Once you try the muesli and meet the team, you might be switching up the breakfast table sooner than you think! But cool factor aside, the eats are incomparably tasty. 

What Mill City Men loves most about Seven Sundays is their affinity for Minnesota, which was definitely seen in Brady's choice of footwear (Red Wings, naturally). Not only have they chosen Minnesota as home base, the entire line of Seven Sundays products is produced locally and most of the components like grains and honey were sourced in the Midwest. Anything that supports Minnesota business is a good thing in our book, especially in a time when where your food comes from is constantly in the spotlight. From their beginnings producing at Hot Plate in South Minneapolis to their current facility at Nikola's, Seven Sundays definitely knows how to keep it local. 

You can find out more about their mission on their website or facebook page. Having recently landed in Target stores, we are certain America will be seeing much more of these breakfast pioneers soon! 


Doesn't this team look great? Be sure to like their facebook page and try a little muesli on your next trip to the grocery store. As an extra special treat, check out some exclusive outtakes from our Seven Sundays Men at Work shoot below!

photography by Nick Fay