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M. Dodes


I'm not really a proponent of having 1 specific day set aside to gift someone you love/like. I would rather be surprised by something just because. So I stopped by The Foundry Home Goods with my friend Davee to scope out some things that I would give to someone that prove a bit more useful than a heart-shaped box of candy. 


If you've never owned a shoehorn, this would be a great one to start with. They're honestly a great purchase/lifehack, especially if like me, you have a tendency to rush out the door in the mornings. 

A few solid dishes you can whip up in the kitchen is a great thing to have in your back pocket of skillz. And how much more impressive with a few of these spoons to dish out that fresh guac you just made in your Vitamix? 

Top L to R: Leatherworks MN Toothpick Caddy, golden spoon (which you should buy because it's a GOLDEN SPOON) | Bottom L to R: Red Bull dinosaur, woodgrain canister, glass carafes 

The Foundry's collection of glassware is a great staple item to have on your shelves and the tumblers would hold OJ at breakfast or an Old Fashioned quite nicely. We also stumbled across this handy shoe shining kit which would be the first I wouldn't keep hidden away in my closet.  Stop by The Foundry Home Goods the next time you're in North Loop and hop over to Davee's Secrets to see Davee's favorite things.