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After 3 years of covering men's style in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul community, Mill City Men will be going on indefinite hiatus, effective immediately. We thank all of our fans and supporters over the years, especially the dudes who achieved momentary legend through the lenses of our team ;)  Our site will continue to stay live, so feel free to re live some our shoots with the stylish guys who call the area home here, here and here. Trips down memory lane are always fun, no? 

Have a wonderful summer and thank you again to all of our supporters! 


- Team Mill City Men 

ABOUT TOWN | 47th Annual UMN Fashion Show: REVEL

mill city men

This year's University of Minnesota fashion show showed depth and range from a promising crop of fresh grads, on the cusp of making their way in fashion. There was a small showing of menswear with a winning shearling jacket in Allise Prew's collection (cleverly comprised of recycled denim!) and a full collection of looks from Ashley Jensen. 

Find out more about the class of 2015 here.  Photos by Hector Cortes and CDES,